How Can YOU Help?

If you would like to donate to the ministry in Vanuatu, there are few different ways to do this.

The first way is to go Central Missionary Clearinghouse and donate directly online on their site. They have a Click and Give module that will ask you to set up a login and then you can choose our name from the missionaries listed and donate. Here is the hyperlink to their site  Click and Give

The second way is, if you are a individual donor, to send a check or cash to Central Missionary Clearinghouse directly. The IRS has asked that you do not put our name on the check but make it out to Central Missionary Clearinghouse or CMC. You will need to fill out this single sheet of paper to be sent along with your donation the first time, but thereafter just send the check or cash with a slip of paper attached designating it to the Pitmans in Vanuatu. 

If you are a church, the same system will work the same way, except you will fill out the Church Donor sheet to be sent in with your monthly support. You will once again need to specify each month that it is designated to the Pitmans in Vanuatu, to ensure that it makes it to our account.

Thank you so much for co-laboring with us in this vital, needy work. We anticipate great things through our ministering together for the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for your support!