Our Testimony
Preacher's Kid Meets Bus Kid
Levi Pitman  was raised in a Christian home. For most of his childhood, he lived in Texas. At age 7, he accepted Christ as his Savior. In 2002, God called his father to be the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in a small town in Indiana.
Jenn Yu grew up in that small town. When she was 10, she was invited to Vacation Bible School at Antioch Baptist Church. There, she learned about God. She started attending church regularly.  She was thankful for the church bus to transport her to and from church. At age 12, she went to church camp in Colorado and there she accepted Him as her Lord and Savior and fully dedicated her life to Christ on June 13, 2003.
Levi and Jenn participated in the same youth group and were very involved in church. 
The Handyman
In 2006, Levi's older sister, Lydia (Meads) was called to serve in Vanuatu as a missionary.  The following year, his dad wanted him to go across the world to check up on his sister, Lydia.  Levi was reluctant as he was a shy 17 year old and he had never travelled on his own.  But he went to Vanuatu and at the end of three months, he was happy to come home.  The next couple of years, Levi did not live his life for God.  Then, in 2009, God touched his heart when the hymn, "Softly and Tenderly", came on the radio while working.  Right then, Levi decided to turn his life around and start living for God. God called him back to Vanuatu and this time he was excited and anxious to go.  In 2010, Levi served on the islands of Vanuatu for three more months helping with various ministries.  In 2010, God called him to attend Bible College. During 2011-2012, God worked in Levi's heart about returning to Vanuatu for a longer term. Levi felt God's leading and decided to serve in Vanuatu for at least 2 years. On July of 2012, Levi took a leap of faith and left for Vanuatu with a one way ticket.  During his two and a half years in Vanuatu, he helped with many ministries such as teaching Bible studies, outreach hikes into jungle villages, and church planting. Levi used his gifts and abilities as a mechanic, builder, plumber, technician, and electrician.  His ingenuity was a tremendous blessing to several missionaries where parts and skilled labor were not available.  Now he knew he was in the center of God's will and allowing God to use him to the fullest.  
The Teacher
While in high school, God placed a love for children, teaching, and languages in Jenn's heart. Therefore, she pursued a degree in elementary education with TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at a Christian college. While in college, Jenn went on her first mission's trip, during which God opened her eyes. Jenn felt God's call to missions. He opened doors for her to serve, teach, and share the Gospel overseas. Over her college years, she went to Poland twice, Ukraine, the Philippines.  During her senior year in 2013, God answered a 6-year-long prayer of hers to go to Vanuatu.  Read her story by clicking here.
God made it possible for Jenn to complete part of her student teaching in Vanuatu.  Jenn spent three months teaching in a local school as well as helping with various church ministries such as youth group and children's church.  She immediately fell in love with the people, culture, and country.  
In God's perfect timing, Levi and Jenn began a relationship in 2013 after being friends for 11 years.  On Christmas day, 2014, Levi asked Jenn to marry him. On June 27th, 2015, they were married.  During their time of engagement, God made His will clear to them.  They are to return to Vanuatu and serve there as missionaries. The Lord has and is preparing and equipping Levi and Jenn for His service.  They feel the gifts and abilities God has given them will bear much fruit for Him in Vanuatu. They are already familiar with the people, the culture, and the language.  And their hearts are already there.
 "Levi was invaluable to us as a mechanic and spared us thousands of dollars through his repair skills. His ability to build and fix things was a tremendous help and allowed me to be free to focus on other ministries.   
This young couple will be a huge asset in serving our Saviour wherever they are."
Jeremy Pinero
Missionary to Vanuatu since 2008
CEO of CSL Vanuatu
Our Mission
Team support in Translating 
    the Bible
 I nstructing local pastors via           Bible college
M inistering through providing         mechanical, building, &                   technical support
 Evangelizing & discipling
"Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time."
Colossians 4:5
Our burden is to make the Gospel known to the islands while there is still time.